Why Independent ERP & CRM consultant is so important? Part 2

I’m writing this article to continue my old post “Why Independent ERP & CRM consultant is so important? Part 1″ by drawing a real scenario that show you clearly the importance of hiring an independent ERP & CRM Consultant.

Before Starting, I will clarify that what I always mean by Independent ERP & CRM consultant is an ERP & CRM consultant who do not work to any ERP &\or CRM supplier and do not prefer or favor any specific ERP & CRM vendor or solution. (I will be using IC in the rest of this article to refer to Independent consultant)

Imagine you are an owner or a decision maker for a company looking to buy a new ERP or CRM solution and you have the option to hire an IC who can handle the followings :

– Sit with all key users and stakeholders and ask the right questions to write down all technical and functional requirements (aligned with the new technologies and trends that IC is aware off and part of his specialties) of your company and prepare in a very clear & professional way the request for proposal (RFP) including your Technical and Functional requirements.

– Sit with ERP Project sponsor(s) , CFO or financial manager, ERP project manager and any other employee who might have role in the selection of solution and the vendor to write down the practical and realistic schedule of the RFP from issuing until selecting the right vendor: RFP issuance deadline, Inquiries receiving deadlines, Inquiries answering deadlines, Proposal submission Deadline, Technical Evaluation Process and Deadline, Financial Evaluation Deadline,Vendor Short List, Vendors Demonstration, Vendors Reference Site visits, Contract finalization and Award

– Once the vendor is selected and before starting the project, IC will make sure to sit with the awarded vendor and customer project manager(in case available) to finalize the high level project plan, make sure the vendor team is ready and as promised during the diagnostic phase (sales phase), set the date for project kick-off , Set the schedule for the analysis phase (considering holidays, Key users vacations…) and set the homework of each party for the Pre-requisites of the Analysis phase

– Once the project start, IC can play the role of the project manager from the customer side or part of steering committee and will surely play the role of Quality controler through out the implementation period of the project

– IC will attend analysis phase in order to make sure that all requirements are well gathered. IC will make sure that all scope of work was totally covered during the analysis phase

– IC will me make sure that the vendor delivered a very clear and complete functional and technical requirement document before the end of analysis Phase & Functional & Technical Design Document before the end of Design phase.

– IC will accelerate the approval of documents during the implementation by understanding the document from the vendor (if needed) and explain to customer the meaning and value of each point included in the document (if needed)

– IC will assess any change request from the vendor and make sure that estimation is not exaggerated

– IC will make sure that all deadlines are met and respected by the vendor and the customer throughout the live cycle of the project

– IC will raise the yellow\red flag whenever any problem might or will take place during the implementation and will give his opinion objectively when any conflict will raise during the implementation and put the right action plan to solve the problem\conflict

Can you suggest any other point that you think the IC can do it or ERP & CRM customers need it to be handled by a 3rd party? Your feedback is highly appreciated.

P.S. – If you are a company who is going to buy a new ERP and you have somebody internally who can take care of all the above and much more then you don’t need an IC for your project.

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