Required Documents for Successful ERP Implementation

For Any successful ERP (example: Dynamics NAV or AX) implementation, Partner implementing the ERP must provide the customer with the following required documents:
R1. Functional/Technical Requirement document
R2. Fit/GAP Analysis Document
R3. Functional Design Document
R4. Technical Design document
R5. User security Role and Permissions

And when Data migration and integration is required, the following documents are also required:
O1. Data Migration Requirement doc.
O2. Integration Requirement Doc.
O3. Data Migration Design Doc.
O4. Integration Design Doc.

We, At Scroll Up, serve the customer with the following :

  • Make sure the customer is aware about these documents and requests these documents during the sales phase
  • Make sure the customer receives all these documents in the right format with the right content from the partner implementing
  • Make sure the customer receives update of these documents after the deployment phase during which the partner might change some part of the design and configuration of the implemented solution

We will be talking about each document with its benefits in the coming posts.

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