12 Key points for the selection of new ERP Solution

Before selecting any new ERP Solution, each and every company must think well about the below 12 key points:

  1. Hire an independent ERP Consultant for project basis to help the company to act and get answers on the below points and to select the right ERP solution objectively
  2. List 5 key answers Why do you want new ERP?
  3. Is it the right time to buy new ERP?
  4. Start by defining your Technical and Business Requirements
  5. Define your Budget  and GoLive Deadline
  6. Create RFP and send it to qualified suppliers
  7. Study all Technical\Commercial responses
  8. Study the Project Duration of each supplier
  9. Check the reputation\Rank of the ERP solution
  10. Check if the solution includes the local requirements \ Compatible with your hardware
  11. Ask about the license model? Source Code?
  12. Ask about the yearly fees, enhancement plan amount, SLA amount

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