10 Key points for The Selection of ERP Provider

We are listing below the 10 key points for the selection of an new ERP Provider:

  1. Check the Years of Local presence of the ERP Provider
  2. Ask about the number of Years of experience(S)  : ERP? Industry? Country?
  3. How many resources? Ask for the CVs of resources who will be working on the project
  4. Will you be able to maintain and enhance the software internally with your internal staff?
  5. Ask to meet the last 3-5 customers & check implementations
  6. Ask for Demonstration and POC
  7. Ask for the profile of Project Manager
  8. See the documentations/User Manuals Guide of the last 3 projects in the last 6-12 months
  9. What is the type/cost of yearly support?
  10. Check If the ERP provider is ready to pay penalty for every delay in the project

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